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Personally, I thought it was BEAUTIFUL. Just amazing. I LOVE that my fav VA Tod is playing Link. I don't think there could be anyone better(other than the person who does his actual little voice clips) and over all, it was just top notch for me.

There's only one issue I had. Zelda's voice.

Something was just off. The emotion wasn't right. She didn't sound like she was on her last-ditch effort before her death. When you're that close, you're ether unusually calm, or very upset and scared(possibly hysteric, although for a princess that's a bit far for her) She almost sounded...peppy. When link found her, she sounded like they were meeting in a casual setting. It just didn't come out quite right. I also think it would have been better for her first lines when she's calling to Link in his dreams that the affect added to Agahnim be added. She should sound ethereal, if only for that time. Something just didn't sound right to me.

Other than that, it was perfect.

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yea, I know pretty much no one is reading this, but I might as well. Just found this video and it's exactly what I've been thinking Zelda should sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCzZrIUDuS0&feature=player_embedded

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