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                         WELCOME TO ZELDAMOTION

To all of the great supporters of this project, I would like to thank you so much, and invite you to the new Zeldamotion website were all of the future updates will be provided.

A BIG thanks to www.zeldauniverse.net for the promotional trailer they posted on their Youtube channel!!! 

Many more people are finding out about our little project!!! We are very excited about the productions evolution (Especially with the awesome cast!) So if you liked the trailer you will most definitely like whats been cooking ;)

Lots of people want to help out and seriously the best thing everyone can do is to spread the word so that the first episode will have a great premier! if you become a member, we will be able to notify you of the first episode release and the new website  opening!!!            15 !'s -Things are getting intense!!!

Agahnim NO!!!



Part 1 Voice Over Work Finished!

 We are happy to say the Voice Over work is going very well with our very talented cast! We are very thankful to Todd Haberkorn and Rina-chan for using their skills to make this production even more awesome! :D


Now to get an official website up and running so people will take us more seriously, cause if you don't... We will send our rep (Below) to change your mind!



After an incredible response from a wide variety of talent...

 We have decided on the Voice Actors who will play the part for the main characters of The Legend of Zelda Triforce of the Gods Animated Series!!!


The Voice of Link will be played by Todd Haberkorn!!!

The Voice of Zelda will be played by Rina-Chan!!!

The Voice of Uncle will be played by Zacca The Hut!!!

The Voice of Agahnim will be played by Zacca The Hut!!!


We just want to say thank you very very much to all of you who tried out for the part. The decision was based off of experience, likeness to the characters, and performance quality.  

 There will still be auditions for future characters in the Manga so there is still a chance for nailing a role in the series!!!

 Again, Thank you all for your work and support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-Mechawatts and the Zeldamotion Team 


Dont wanna audition but have an ideal suggestion for someone who should? Let us know mechanical.wattshop@gmail.com 



-Audition Deadline is July 10th

-Link's voice - Youthful and kind sounding 

-Uncle's voice - must sound kind and hearty. Maybe like John Goodman or John Rhys Davies. Needs more auditions!!

-Agahnim - Needs more auditions!! His voice should sound around 27-40. I imagine like  Lucious Malfoy (Slick and proper but slightly sinister) although the British accent isn't required 

-All voice work is non paid (we have no funding even for ourselves :P) 

-You must have your own recording equipment (we will most likely send all the work over email)

-All Voice actors will receive their own promotional page for reference 

 Thanks and good luck!


Anyway Back to work!



Work Work Work! I'd be happy to! Something need doing? 



 Keep the submissions flowing! We are getting some interesting voices but there is still plenty of time to show what you've got! P.S. we fixed the login problem (now we have a button for it) *Someone Yells* "Noobs!"


 Thanks to everyones overwhelming encouragement and positive feedback, we are working even harder to reach our goal of animating the entire manga!!! 

 We have noted the popular requests for changes everyone wants to see and are set on giving you all the most authentic Zelda experience possible cause we love Zelda and you :) 

FYI There may be 2 versions of the series - Voice Overed and Voice Sampled (Current Trailer) 


                                    VOICE OVERS CASTING CALL 


So... You want voiceovers? Are you the voice of the hero of Time? Perhaps you feel you have the voice of the Zelda the Princess of Destiny. give us a sample of a couple of lines from the trailer (for applicable characters) and you could be the one to give life to the characters of the Triforce of the Gods Animated Series!!! Send submissions to mechanical.wattshop@gmail.com

 Voices Needed : Link (char. age 13-16), Uncle (Char. age 35-55), Zelda (Char. age 13-16), and Agahnim (Char. age. 29-45)

The work is non-pay and like the project its a labor of love, not money. 

Accents welcome! Maybe Link and Zelda would sound cool with British accents? 

 Become a member and talk to us! 

Oh and someone has made a fandub of the trailer for you all to hear! What do you think?


 If you like our stuff you should definitely check out Zeldanime.com They are kindof a sister project to ours considering we share the same goals in bringing fans a beautiful well crafted Zelda experience. Like us they have been transforming the classic Zelda games into a modern illustrated experience. Check them out and enjoy!



 We've been featured on Zeldainformer.com! Check it out

                                                 GRAND OPENING

ZELDAMOTION was made with the goal to provide Zelda fans and newcomers with a non-profit, fully animated, theatrical experience using the talents of many individuals across the web. We have taken “The Legend of Zelda” manga’s, (created by Akira Himekawa) and are turning them into fully colored, animated and scored episodes for anyone to enjoy.



             The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods  

To Donate To Our Cause Contact Us @ -  mechanical.wattshop@gmail.com


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