Experience the Zelda Manga Legends in Motion


ZELDAMOTION was made with the goal to provide Zelda fans and newcomers with a non-profit, fully animated, theatrical experience using the talents of many individuals across the web. We have taken “The Legend of Zelda” manga’s, (created by Akira Himekawa) and are turning them into fully colored, animated and scored episodes for anyone to enjoy.

We are a team of determined artists doing what we love and sharing it to those who share our love. 

We are enduring fans of Zelda with an undying passion for recreating art and entertainment from the legendary games.

 We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Akira Himekawa and do not claim anything copyrighted by Nintendo, the Legend of Zelda Series or the Himekawa mangas. We simply Love Zelda and Nintendo and wish to show our appreciation for what they have given us by giving back in the form of fan art. Everything we do is free to share and use so long as it not used to make money in any way. We only ask that you credit us and leave a link to zeldamotion.webs.com